In this episode, Kevin interviews Chris Reynolds. Chris is a digital nomad who started the Entrepreneur House project. It is 1-2 months of co-living and co-working where entrepreneurs from the world over get together to collaborate, produce and execute their creative business initiatives. The Entrepreneur House has been in places like Chiang Mai (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Chris is also the host of the podcast called The Entrepreneur House podcast. In more than 170 episodes he interviews successful location independent Continue

In this episode, Kevin interviews Liam Martin, Co-Founder of Time Doctor & Liam began building a web-based tutoring business and gradually got more involved in tech companies. Liam has been a consultant for many online businesses concentrating on process design and scaling companies through outsourcing. He’s now the co-founder of TimeDoctor & – both are world-leading time tracking softwares for remote teams. They help companies to be able to manage remote workers just as if they were in the same office, maintaining a high Continue

In this episode, Kevin interviews Sondre Rasch, Founder and CEO of SafetyWing about building a global safety net for online freelancers. Sondre’s vision is to build a country on the internet and the first product he launched in this direction is a travel medical insurance. Topics discussed: – What does a country provide to its citizen – How can the decentralized services solve the basic needs – Smart cities, Liberland, Seasteads and other concepts – What is the future of SafetyWing Links – Sondre Rasch – Continue

In this episode, Kevin talks about Cato’s “Most Free Countries” list, Co-living & Co-working, and Step 3 in building a freedom stream: The bare essentials. This show will also give you tips when choosing places you want to live in. Topics discussed: – John Stossel’s take on the Freedom Index – Kevin’s point of view – Switzerland and other countries – Outsite and Co-living ideas – How to outsource to get your website built Links – Work Hero – Outsite – Cato Freedom Index Got Tasks? Continue

In this episode, Kevin talks about Los Angeles vs. San Diego, his travel plans, and the second step in creating a location independent freedom income stream: Your Product. This show will give you 5 concrete steps to help you easily create a product- even before you have a website. Topics discussed: – LA (Venice) vs SD – Kevin’s travel plans – Talk to actual people in your market and find out the top 5 frustrations – Never assume anything – Doesn’t need to be the final Continue

In this special episode, I talk about the first step in creating a freedom income stream: your topic. This show will help you realize that there are so many creative ways to start and you too are almost definitely an expert at something. Don’t miss it! Topics discussed – Creating a freedom stream – Info products – Thinking about something that really excites you – Having a unique take on it – Combining of ideas – What to do TODAY Links – Work Hero Got Tasks? Continue

Today’s guest is Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection. He covers everything from his WalMart business to the surprising thing he recommends to do to be more free. Topics discussed -His background -Starting his own business at 20 -That time when he owned a restaurant and faced a lawsuit -Wyoming, Mexico, and Nevada’s LLCs -Location independent entrepreneurs -Cost of living -What you can do instantly to get more freedom in life Bobby’s Info: Website: Global Wealth Protection Instagram: Quotes “Don’t rely on one customer.” Continue

In today’s episode of Freedom Lovin, I chat with Nate Ginsburg. He’s involved in several businesses and runs them all from his laptop while traveling the world. In the last four years, he’s been to over 100 yoga studios in four different continents. – How Kevin and Nate met – Nate’s Background – How to live in Chiang Mai – Actively taking part in yoga classes and becoming better at it – His simple formula: 75% Yoga and 25% gym – How to figure out Continue

I recorded this video next to the Venice Canals in California. Enjoy!   Transcript: Hey there. It’s Kevin and I’m here in Venice, California right next to the famous Venice Canals and this is just an amazing part of the world here. I happen to be lucky enough to live right down the street so I wanted to kind of show this off in the background but yeah, this is a really, really pretty spot. These canals were actually built … The history with the Continue