In this special episode, I talk about the first step in creating a freedom income stream: your topic. This show will help you realize that there are so many creative ways to start and you too are almost definitely an expert at something. Don’t miss it! Topics discussed – Creating a freedom stream – Info products – Thinking about something that really excites you – Having a unique take on it – Combining of ideas – What to do TODAY Links – Work Hero Got Tasks? Continue

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In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I discuss the reason behind my hiatus of almost a year. I also shared the project that I’m focusing on as well as a story from my recent trip to Europe. – Synopsis of what I’ve been doing – The reason for the hiatus – What is Work Hero? – How this one stop system for all your digital needs work – My Euro trip – The Little Anarchist Village in Copenhagen – 3 Cops in riot gear story Continue