While Ljubliana is the capital and biggest city by far in Slovenia, the real beauty in the country is in the mountains, valleys, and lakes. Ljubliana (had to spell check it again!) is a really nice city. It’s so small that it’s hard to get lost. There’s a river, and a couple of bridges, one with a dragon (Dragon Bridge), some good food, friendly people, and a little nightlife. We hit up a place called PR Skelet, and had a drink called a Zombie: We Continue

So I badly needed a change of pace from sunny San Diego, and I booked a trip to New York City! The last time I was here was when I was 17 years old. Things have changed quite a bit over the years! When I left San Diego, the high was looking to be about 77 that day. The first day in NYC was the day after a huge blizzard. They called it a “weather bomb” where tons of snow fell in a really short Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview Mike Margolies of Psymposia about the current state of psychedelics, medicinal uses, legal aspects, and more! We discussed: -Mike’s background and journey -Ayahuasca & inner messages -Walking the earth -Finding your calling -Coming out of the closet- about psychedelics -Pymposia -Psychedelics used in therapy -Set & setting -Legalities around the world -Zendo project/Dance Safe -Medicinal vs Recreational use and Freedom -Mushrooms legal in Bali? -Other psychedelics: LSD, DMT, Ibogaine -Microdosing References: Pymposia – Patreon campaign – Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I discuss the so-called presidential election, and the Jeffery Tucker Article, Politics is Poison To The Human Spirit by Jeffery Tucker -What I’ve been up to -My business downs and ups -Working with a business coach -Europe trip 2016 -Election 2016: Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich -Why Trump/Media lies -Anti-Marijuana Clinton -Gary Johnson -Jeffery Tucker Article References: South Park – How Half of America Lost Its F*cking Mind Republican Myth Busted: Reagan Raised the Debt Ceiling 3 Times Continue

Some learning experiences abroad: 1. Many countries in Europe are not on the Euro. 2. Europeans love their dairy. The further north, the more dairy products. 3. Covering 3 cities in 7 days is too much. 4. It’s possible to stay in shape by using playgrounds. No gym necessary. 5. People smile much less in Eastern Europe than in the US. 6. Most people speak English no matter where I go. 7. Minimalism is great for travel about 95% of the time. 8. Hanging out Continue

When they built the infamous wall in Berlin to separate the Soviet-run communist East from the relatively free West, not everyone just went along with with the “powers that be” decided for their lives. What would you do if say, a government project, like a wall, was to be built right by your house? Would you go along with it, allow them to seize your property or decide your fate for you? Would you back down and sell out because “path of least resistance” and Continue

Bye bye baltics, hello Helsinki. I think I have dreamed of coming to Finland most of my life. I kind of thought there would be some magical day when I felt like I was rich enough to see the Nordic countries. And, BTW, Finland is not considered part of Scandinavia like most people think. It’s kind of its own place. It’s the rebel of the Nordics 🙂 It’s separate from everything in a way, but still part of the EU and on the Euro. In Continue