Back in 2008 when I was living in a tiny apartment in Sydney, Australia, with my soon-to-be ex-wife, contemplating my life and the world around me, I ordered a book on Amazon that I had been meaning to read for a while called “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World”, by Harry Browne. For some time I had been obsessed with the idea of freedom, and always wanted to maximize my levels of it. However, I never “felt” free. My first instinct was to Continue

Arrived in Phuket (pronounced “poo-ket”) last night, after a 2 hour flight delay in KL. Funny thing, the story was that the pilot just didn’t show up! It’s pouring now so good chance to catch up on online stuff. Quick blog right now, more pics later. I’m also going back and uploading videos from Bali and putting them on the corresponding blog posts. This blogging thing is a lot of work! So yesterday, my flight was scheduled at 5:10. I was casually going about my Continue

I woke up stressed out, stomach in knots, dreading what was to come of the day. It didn’t matter if I had a solid 8 hours of sleep, or just a few. It didn’t matter if the sun was shining or behind thick, dark clouds. It didn’t matter if I had 10 million things that were going well, or if I just had a really great time the day before, if I had a full to-do list or an empty one- the dread over my Continue

“Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day…” “Every year is getting shorter…never seem to find the time.” -From Pink Floyd’s “Time” Time is the great equalizer. At least that’s what I hear. But why is it that some things seem to slow time down, while others seem to make it fly by? The typical conclusion is that “time flies while you’re having fun”. And I think there is some truth to that for sure. Weekends fly by while weeks drag. Vacations go Continue

Summer’s almost gone in the northern hemisphere….and I couldn’t be happier! Not about Summer being over. I love summer. I love the sun, the warm weather, all the activities available to me…and unlike many people I even like a little “heat” like we had recently here in the Perfect Weather City (it even got up to 87 degrees at the coast, more than most people here could handle!). The last 3 days I: went surfing, played beach volleyball, went to a party on the beach, Continue

After reading this article on on 5 Ways Your Brain Tricks You Into Sticking With Bad Habits, it dawned on me how much of this is true, even in my own life. It’s very easy to keep bad habits but much harder to change. And the point they made in the article that so many people fall trapped into is this idea that the person they are in the future is a completely different person than who they are now. It’s as if at Continue

So….today was election day in America, and some people get all excited and riled up. Many people like to argue about the left vs. the right, or about the latest proposed law that’s either going to “save” the state or destroy it. Me, I don’t vote. I actually take what the late George Carlin said a few years ago to heart: I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that Continue

Today marks my 2 month anniversary of moving in to my place right near Mission Beach in San Diego. I would call this my honeymoon! It’s pretty much living in paradise as far as the setting- I walk about 20 steps to the sand! And the beach is no joke- wide open and usually almost no one on it. This is the beauty of San Diego non-summmer. No crowds and usually good weather. It’s been fun living here and I definitely get my exercise, being Continue

My latest update from the beach. Wow that second video was really shaky! It can only get better from here I think. Here’s an article about Heart Rate Variability Training, which is what I’m doing with the EmWave that I mentioned: And here’s my twitter:

I completely forgot to link to my interview on The Stateless Man radio show! The recording was really poor due to me being on my cell phone, but I enjoyed getting a chance to chat with the host Fergus Hodgson about a previous blog post of mine “Why It’s Stupid to Stress Over Money“. Anyway, I’m on the first segment, on this page the link is in the November shows: I’ve listened to some of Fergus’ other shows and really enjoy the combination of Continue