In this special episode, I talk about the first step in creating a freedom income stream: your topic. This show will help you realize that there are so many creative ways to start and you too are almost definitely an expert at something. Don’t miss it! Topics discussed – Creating a freedom stream – Info products – Thinking about something that really excites you – Having a unique take on it – Combining of ideas – What to do TODAY Links – Work Hero Got Tasks? Continue

Today’s guest is Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection. He covers everything from his WalMart business to the surprising thing he recommends to do to be more free. Topics discussed -His background -Starting his own business at 20 -That time when he owned a restaurant and faced a lawsuit -Wyoming, Mexico, and Nevada’s LLCs -Location independent entrepreneurs -Cost of living -What you can do instantly to get more freedom in life Bobby’s Info: Website: Global Wealth Protection Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/globalwealthprotection/ Quotes “Don’t rely on one customer.” Continue

In today’s episode of Freedom Lovin, I chat with Nate Ginsburg. He’s involved in several businesses and runs them all from his laptop while traveling the world. In the last four years, he’s been to over 100 yoga studios in four different continents. – How Kevin and Nate met – Nate’s Background – How to live in Chiang Mai – Actively taking part in yoga classes and becoming better at it – His simple formula: 75% Yoga and 25% gym – How to figure out Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ podcast, I invited Michaela Light to share her thoughts about intuition and how it can benefit you and your business. We discuss total freedom from keeping secrets, accepting oneself, making the right decisions, and more freedom-oriented discussions! – Michaela’s background – Where she’s staying – Peruvian houses – Changes she made – Facebook posts, status updates, and the reason she’s no longer keeping secrets – The intuitive leadership – How to tell if the intuition is right – How to Continue

4 Ways to Have More Freedom

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I share with you my 4 ways to raise your “freedom quotient”. – Nobody is at a 100% freedom – Emotional Freedom – 4 ways of Freedom: – A New Mexico LLC – Three intentions of the day – Create folders for emails – Connected communication – Resources for finding more References: The New Mexico LLC (email Kevin) Communication Dojo CNVC Marshall Rosenberg FL094 – Non Violent Communication With Darrell Becker Got Tasks? Work Hero can save you! Click here Continue

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In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I discuss the reason behind my hiatus of almost a year. I also shared the project that I’m focusing on as well as a story from my recent trip to Europe. – Synopsis of what I’ve been doing – The reason for the hiatus – What is Work Hero? – How this one stop system for all your digital needs work – My Euro trip – The Little Anarchist Village in Copenhagen – 3 Cops in riot gear story Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I discuss the so-called presidential election, and the Jeffery Tucker Article, Politics is Poison To The Human Spirit by Jeffery Tucker -What I’ve been up to -My business downs and ups -Working with a business coach -Europe trip 2016 -Election 2016: Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich -Why Trump/Media lies -Anti-Marijuana Clinton -Gary Johnson -Jeffery Tucker Article References: South Park – http://southparkstudios.com How Half of America Lost Its F*cking Mind Republican Myth Busted: Reagan Raised the Debt Ceiling 3 Times Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I talked to Matt Inglot from Freelance Transformation.com. Our conversation was highlighted by the idea of “success on their own terms” of Derek Sivers. This idea is basically the focus that each one gives in life. Some people, for example, optimize their lives to make money (this is the most common), others to optimize for a legacy, others for fame and here, in our case, we optimize for freedom. With that in mind, Matt tells how he increased his Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I talked to my friend Darrell Becker. We talked and delve into Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and a bit on the Trivium method of critical thinking. In this episode you will learn practical tips on how to use NVC in your day by day, understand some communication errors that lead to alienated communication of life or disconnected communication and finally – learn some of the fundamentals of Trivium method. Darrell’s website: http://voluntaryvisions.com/ Get the best ideas from top business books, improve yourself, your business Continue

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast Jake Desyllas returns to the show to talk about his new book, “Job Free“! We discuss the four ways that the book offers to get rid of a job and live a life of both greater freedom and fulfillment.   Get the best ideas from top business books, improve yourself, your business and get ahead of the competition, at: 100 Must Reads Meet the invisible New Mexico LLC! Join our Freedom Lovin’ Facebook Group! Get your Job Free copy here: http://getbook.at/jobfree Shownotes: Continue