FL019: School Sucks with Brett Veinotte

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Brett Veinotte of The School Sucks Project. Here’s what we discussed:

0:52 – Freedom Lovin’ iTunes review
4:23 – School Sucks beginnings
8:24 – Brett’s school experience
9:49 – Wes Bertrand and Logical Learning
11:42 – The problem with school
15:18 – Let’s get rid of school?
17:56 – Intellectual self-defense
22:55 – How do we break out of not thinking for ourselves?
28:52 – Intrinsic motivation
29:47 – The three lessons of school: obedience, conformity, intellectual apathy
31:50 – College loan system
36:18 – Future of education
43:20 – Making a living doing what you want
46:34 – Single motivating purpose
48:56 – Free State Project
52:21 – Civil disobedience
56:00 – Healthy, Mind, Fit, Body

Brett’s School Sucks Website:


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Free Talk Live: http://freetalklive.com
Complete Liberty With Wes Bertrand: http://completeliberty.com
IBM’s Single Motivating Purpose: http://www.internetbusinessmastery.com/ibm-203-single-motivating-purpose/
Healthy Mind, Fit Body: http://healthymindfitbody.com

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  1. jeremyfrandsen

    I really appreciate all the mentions!  Great show, Brett is always interesting to listen to!

    1. jeremyfrandsen thanks! yeah I’m in the middle of listening to his productivity series, really valuable stuff!

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