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FL019: School Sucks with Brett Veinotte

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Brett Veinotte of The School Sucks Project. Here’s what we discussed:

0:52 – Freedom Lovin’ iTunes review
4:23 – School Sucks beginnings
8:24 – Brett’s school experience
9:49 – Wes Bertrand and Logical Learning
11:42 – The problem with school
15:18 – Let’s get rid of school?
17:56 – Intellectual self-defense
22:55 – How do we break out of not thinking for ourselves?
28:52 – Intrinsic motivation
29:47 – The three lessons of school: obedience, conformity, intellectual apathy
31:50 – College loan system
36:18 – Future of education
43:20 – Making a living doing what you want
46:34 – Single motivating purpose
48:56 – Free State Project
52:21 – Civil disobedience
56:00 – Healthy, Mind, Fit, Body

Brett’s School Sucks Website:

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Free Talk Live:
Complete Liberty With Wes Bertrand:
IBM’s Single Motivating Purpose:
Healthy Mind, Fit Body:

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Jeremy Frandsen
Jeremy Frandsen

I really appreciate all the mentions!  Great show, Brett is always interesting to listen to!

freedomlovin moderator

@jeremyfrandsen thanks! yeah I'm in the middle of listening to his productivity series, really valuable stuff!

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