FL021: Republic of Freedom with Heather Thorkelson

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Heather Thorkelson about creating your own personal “republic of freedom”. Here’s what we discuss:

0:34 – iTunes review / travel gear
5:15 – Personal shoppers
7:24 – Nonconformity and world travel
13:12 – Being a pilot’s daughter
16:47 – Republic of Freedom
19:34 – Business consulting and Antarctic expeditions
23:00 – Crazy travel moments
29:10 – Special travel locations
33:30 – Adventure Reboots
36:20 – Traveling while in a relationship
43:08 – Lima, Peru
48:11 – Location independence

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  1. LynnCrymble

    What a great interview Kevin! Heather, I love what you said about figuring out the Why of location independence. This is harder than it first seems but so vital. Viva the Republic of Freedom 🙂

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