FL022: Authenticity & Dating with Hans Comyn of Ars Amorata

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Hans Comyn about authentic relating and dating. Here’s what we discuss:

1:38 Background of how I connected with Hans
2:47 Ars Amorata Background
4:20 Interview with Hans
6:15 Hans’ background
8:00 Love & seduction
8:41 The Ars Amorata
10:03 Pick up artistry vs. this philosophy
12:30 How does this kind of life lead to more freedom?
15:43 Slowing time down
17:15 Hans’ book
18:45 The nomad life and seduction
20:40 Faster connections with women
22:17 The power of empathy
25:08 Non Violent Communication and conflict as a strengthener
25:42 Problems in dating
29:55 The Ars Amorata program

Hans’ Website:



Get 35% off the program at Ars Amorata by using the code
‘kevinarsamorata’ at checkout

Non Violent Communication: https://www.cnvc.org/
Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbJPaQY_1dc

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