FL023: Becoming a Digital Nomad With Dan Andrews

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Dan Andrews of tropicalmba.com about becoming a digital nomad. Here’s what we discuss:

1:12 Thailand trip for DCBKK
3:00 Interview with Dan Andrews
5:09 Going to the Philippines
6:45 Outsourcing
7:32 Dan’s start/freedom lovin
9:08 Becoming a digital nomad
13:47 Dan’s businesses
18:08 Tropical MBA/Becoming an entrepreneur
21:40 TMBA podcast
22:33 The Dynamite Circle
28:40 Junto
29:28 Living abroad as an entrepreneur
30:20 Freedom in Asia vs. America
34:02 Opportunities in dating as a digital nomad
38:20 The best places in Asia for digital nomads
40:29 Tips for becoming a location independent entrepreneur
43:15 Startups vs. bootstrap businesses

Dan’s Website:



The Dynamite Circle: http://dynamitecircle.com

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