FL030: Sex 3.0 With JJ Roberts

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I talk to JJ Roberts of Sex 3.0 about problems with today’s sexual relationships and how we can move to a world of mutual understanding between men and women. We discuss:

-What is Sex 1.0 and how did things evolve
-What’s the problem with marriage?
-Natural vs. Normal
-What is relationship duress and how it can be avoided
-What is jealousy, and why it’s not natural
-The potential of having friends of the opposite sex
-Polyamory, monogamy, and sex 3.0
-Groupthink and how it destroys relationships
-Moving forward


JJ’s Website: http://sexthreepointzero.com
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  1. zsoltbabocsai

    Great show, well done to you both guys! 

    I’m thinking I’ve been feeling something like this all my life, but have never been able articulate it…. about time someone said it!

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