FL038: Freedom Lovin’ In Mexico

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I report from Mexico- Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta. Part 1 is the intro and a bit about my experience in Guadalajara, and part 2 I chat with Jake Desyllas in Puerto Vallarta. PV

-Freedom Business Blueprint course: Internet Business Mastery Academy
-Changes with Bitcoin
-Booking with Bitcoin using Cheapair.com
-Speaking Spanish
-Jake D & Puerto Vallarta
-PT lifestyle
-Free Mexico?
-Entrepreneurship in Mexico, PV vs. GDL
-Learning Spanish
-Mexico’s economy & safety
-Advantages & disadvantages of the PT lifestyle
-Volume levels in Mexico

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  1. jalba22

    Loved the interview.  Currently my family is living at a work location in NM.  My hope is that my family live location independent for the next year.  I have discussed with my wife the possibility of moving and living in Mexico during the time off of work (3 months working in the US and every 2 months vacationing in Mexico). Want my wife to hear this podcast to let her know it is possible.  Wish me luck

  2. jalba22  Thanks! Sounds awesome man good luck and let me know how it goes!

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