FL038: Freedom Lovin’ In Mexico

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I report from Mexico- Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta. Part 1 is the intro and a bit about my experience in Guadalajara, and part 2 I chat with Jake Desyllas in Puerto Vallarta. PV

-Freedom Business Blueprint course: Internet Business Mastery Academy
-Changes with Bitcoin
-Booking with Bitcoin using Cheapair.com
-Speaking Spanish
-Jake D & Puerto Vallarta
-PT lifestyle
-Free Mexico?
-Entrepreneurship in Mexico, PV vs. GDL
-Learning Spanish
-Mexico’s economy & safety
-Advantages & disadvantages of the PT lifestyle
-Volume levels in Mexico

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  1. jalba22

    Loved the interview.  Currently my family is living at a work location in NM.  My hope is that my family live location independent for the next year.  I have discussed with my wife the possibility of moving and living in Mexico during the time off of work (3 months working in the US and every 2 months vacationing in Mexico). Want my wife to hear this podcast to let her know it is possible.  Wish me luck


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