FL039: Obamacare, Peru, Utopia

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I discuss traveling to Peru with pneumonia, my thoughts on Obamacare, and the Utopia Trap. o-topia

-Pneumonia in Peru
-Obamacare & my experience
-The Utopia Trap
-Is Bitcoin over?
-Cargo Ship Diaries


The Harry Browne Utopia Trap: http://www.ultimatefreedomquest.com/utopia-trap/

Niall Doherty’s book Cargo Ship Diaries: http://thecargoshipdiaries.com

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  1. Kelsey M Johnson

    I really liked your interview with Hans from Ars Amorata, and I can see that you’re pretty knowledgeable in various areas of business and self motivation, which is why I did a search on you to see what else I could find. However, I found your ignorance of Obamacare to be pretty shocking to to be frank. I don’t want to spend a lot of effort trying to change your mind. But a couple of responses to things you said:

    You mentioned covered CA. You’re supposed to go through that, each state is supposed to have their own web site, and you pay based on what you can afford. If the state you live in hasn’t set up a website yet, you go through the federal Obamacare site. That’s the point of it. You’re not supposed to be calling the insurance companies and letting them oversell you on something. It would be like paying more in taxes than you owe, or letting someone talk you out of a deduction that you were entitled to. 

    Obamacare is a meant to be thought of as a tax, that’s why the supreme court upheld it as constitutional. And just like you wouldn’t pay the same tax rate as a wealthy man, someone who is struggling, wouldn’t have to pay the same insurance premiums either. It’s a stepping stone to universal coverage. 

    You’re $118 a month plan ( a little more than $26 a week), I guarantee you didn’t cover much (if anything) if something catastrophic happens. Believe me I know because I’ve been there. You’re better off putting your money in a piggy bank. The old plans ABSOLUTELY DID NOT, help more people, I don’t know where you got that. It’s just plain false.

    As for the Utopia Trap. Again your guy missed the point, if you’re going to relate it to Obamacare. You’re right that you should spend your time changing the things you can about your own situation, rather than wasting your time,
    with something that can’t be changed. But when it comes to something like this your eyes should be wide open to the benefits.

    Think of all the people who are staying at a job they hate, because it’s the only way they’re going to get insurance. 
    Or people that can’t get insurance, who just have to worry knowing that if something bad happens they’re screwed. Remember in the old way, the insurance companies can deny you, at their own discretion. Those people are NOT FREE. As an entrepreneur, you should see the possibilities of how this can encourage people to break away from their dead end jobs and do their own thing. What happened to you in Peru, would easily be more like 5-10gs if it happened here without insurance. 

    Sorry, this is much longer than I meant to rant. And I’m sorry to come across as a total jerk, on your page. But I just really really encourage you to do some research as to why this law exists and how it can benefit you. It really can save your life and/or you and your family from bankruptcy. That’s the truth.

    Rant over

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