FL041: Location Independent Blueprint

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I discuss my new plan to start 6 businesses over 12 months from 3 different locations. working at sunrise

-Taken from my blog post: http://www.freedomlovin.com/12-months-6-businesses-3-locations/
-Objections to doing 6 businesses in a year

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Iron Maiden, “The Clansman”

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  1. RichardPatey

    Yo buddy, great podcast and great to hear the Clansman! I’m currently doing something similar at least in biznass for now, not planning on leaving UK again just yet. Alongside my SEO clients & content marketing products for ski companies I’m about to launch a mobility ecommerce site, a poker affiliate site plus may finally get round to my backpack affiliate site idea as the primary keyword traffic has doubled since I bought the domain last year. Freedom baby!

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