FL043: Location Independence with Jason Van Orden

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I update my 6 businesses in 12 months project, and chat with Jason Van Orden of Internet Business Mastery on escaping the corporate world and becoming a location independent entrepreneur. Here’s what is discussed on the show: JVO

-SD to Austin
-Border checkpoint madness
-Carlsbad Caverns
-Mishaps on the road
-Location independent business update

Jason interview:
-Cubicle Escape
-Starting an internet business
-Moving around the world with an online business
-Paris, France
-Downsides to Permanent Travel lifestyle


Couchsurfing: http://couchsurfing.org
Carlsbad Caverns: http://www.nps.gov/cave/index.htm
Tinder online dating: http://tinder.com
My SEO Writing site: http://kevinkoskellaseo.com
How to set up an SEO writing business: http://www.seanogle.com/guest-posts/seo-writing-for-beginners

Internet Business Mastery – http://internetbusinessmastery.com

1000 Places to See Before You Die book

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  1. jalba22

    Hey Kevin,

               Tried to send a comment last episode but unsure what went wrong.  I am my family were in Gallup, NM. back in March (were there for over 21/2 months) and were making our way back to Tampa, Fl. and we too had experienced a similar situation. We were on the road from Gallup to El Paso heading towards San Antonio (man it is a long distance). I decided to take a short rest about 20 minutes east of El Paso. 

    I woke up around 3 am. and started for San Antonio.  Somewhere around 100 miles away fro El Paso we were stopped by the Homeland Security/Customs.  As we pulled up, the officer approached my car and asked me if we were American citizens. I stated we were and were signaled to go through the checkpoint.  It upsets me to have to go through these ordeals when we want to travel (by air or land).  My wife took another permanent position in Florida but both of us want to become permanent travelers with our 3 boys.  Just waned you to know.  John from Tampa

  2. jalba22 Hey John, sorry you had to go through nonsense, but at least you didn’t get harassed! I hope things are going well in Florida for you. Let’s chat when you get a chance!

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