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FL044: Becoming a digital nomad with Jeff Bronson

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I update my 6 businesses in 12 months project, and chat with Jeff Bronson about the path to becoming a digital nomad. Here’s what is discussed on the show: jeffbronson

-My 6 businesses update
-Living in the present
-Steve Jobs quote
-Overnight successes/How to become a digital nomad
-Meeting people
-Minimalism/Costs of travel
-Where to go

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Jeff Bronson
Jeff Bronson

Kevin, thanks again for having me on the show! In retrospect after listening, when you asked me reasons for becoming a digital nomad...I missed the most important one.  

I hate alarm clocks and not "owning my time"'s unburdening that feeling of the "grind" daily, and running on your own personal clock.

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