FL047: How To Get Paid For Your Pad

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia about getting paid to rent out your apartment, condo, or house on AirBnB. Here’s what is discussed on the show: Huzefa-Kapadiajasperribbers

-SEO writing update
-Going homeless
-Top 10 Lifestyle Design Cities
-Tim Ferriss’ Podcast
-Get Paid for Your Pad Interview
-How to communicate with guests
-Devising a pricing strategy
-Moving up the Airbnb Search Rankings
-Composing a good listing
-Preparing your house for guests
-Dealing with unhappy guests
-How to get great reviews

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Top Ten Lifestyle Design Cities post

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  1. TropicalMBA

    Thanks for the mention Kevin! Been enjoying FL lately! Would be interesting to hear some more shows about alternative relationships.

  2. TropicalMBA

    BTW something about livefyre grinds my gears, I feel like it makes it really difficult for me to comment. i always feel vaguely uncomfortable when I have to give auth to a random app and it doesn’t let you comment as anon guest, which might be useful for your blog since many FL listeners are probably privacy conscious

  3. TropicalMBA Thanks man! Will put that show together. It’s the #1 thing that most guys are thinking about but nobody’s really addressing it! Not sure what the deal with Livefyre is. I thought I fixed it, I know it used to make everyone create a profile, then I changed the settings but I guess it’s still doing that, how lame. Might have to bite the Disquis bullet. I liked Livefyre originally because you could have a  profile with your url, I don’t think Disquis has that.

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