FL051: 48 Hours to Freedom- Starting a writing business with Ben Alvarado

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I chat with Ben Alvarado of WritingStartup.net. ben250

Here’s what was discussed on the podcast:

-My big announcement

Ben Alvarado
-Starting a writing business
-How much to charge
-Transition to solo entrepreneurship
-Running a business from a cell phone
-How can you scale a writing business?
-Multiple streams of internet income

Ben’s Website:



8/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall
Sean Ogle’s Location 180 site
Multiple Streams of Internet Income book

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  1. KirkKaye

    Kiaora from New Zealand, Kevin! 
    I really enjoy your podcast and will be sad to see it appearing less frequently in my feed.  You provide a really down-to-earth, honest guide for folks who plan on one day taking the plunge into the world of solopreneurism. 🙂 
    As for the $100k a month guy you met at the bar, I am skeptical about how much he was meeting your need for honesty there.  Did he elaborate on what “internet marketing” entailed?  I would definitely love to learn what the secret is 😉

  2. KirkKaye Hey Kiaora, thanks for the comment and for the encouragement! Yes I know the 100k a month guy and he is legit. He does advertising/pay per click campaigns for some companies, and for his own products. He has actually inspired me and I’ve focused on ads now, and increasing my leads/sales substantially. I’ve learned a lot about Facebook ads through the course at http://socialmediaadgenius.com. Let me know what you’re up to and if I can help in any way!

  3. jalba22

    Hey Kevin,

                 I too am sadden to know you will be switching gears.  Personally, I feel you have a positive and down to Earth demeanor that is inspiring for someone like myself who is starting into a work independent lifestyle.  I would like to keep in touch and have more conversations with you in the future.  When I have my website finally completed, I would like your insights on it.  Thanks and Good Luck.

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