FL057: Chasing Freedom

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I discuss the idea of moving towards versus moving away from freedom, from the article: Freedom

Why Freedom Is The Worst Goal You Can Set For Yourself – Peter Shallard

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  1. CTaylorMPearson

    What’s the relationships between Freedom and wealth creation?
    As freedom increases so does wealth?
    Because the limit is entrepreneurship, we have to create more freedom to create more wealth?
    Let’s start with simple definitions and see what happens.
    Freedom is the ability to operate without hinderance or restraintWealth is What You Want
    Great show Kevin.
    I think the freedom is more complex than the author gives it credit for.
    For one, freedom is not binary, as you pointed out. There are degrees of freedom and some people are more free than others.
    Freedom also has different kinds. An indentured servant and a slave could both be said to have about the same degree of freedom, but of different kinds.
    There’s also the question you brought up about how much freedom is ruled by consciousness. If you’re free and you don’t realize it, are you really free?
    I’ve been thinking about freedom lately and how it relates to both power and progress. This paragraph got me going.
    One repeating pattern throughout the history of the West is the dispersal of power. “We are all priests,” cried Martin Luther as he wrested authority away from the pope and gave it to every Bible-reading Christian . “All men are created equal,” wrote Jefferson, who was issuing a challenge to aristocrats, not an invitation to slaves. Such sentiments speak to real changes in what it meant to be a Christian or a citizen. Such sentiments also describe the democratization of power. Up until now, it is the few who have defined society and the many that have been defined by it. A few receive divine revelation and many receive Mass. Think about a world in which the direction is increasingly reversed, a society in which the individual is less social invention than social inventor. Or, rather, imagine a world in which more people engage in acts of social invention.-Ron Davison, The Fourth Economy
    I agree that power naturally disperses over time as wealth expands. It seems freedom is one of the primary forces that steps into that power vacuum.
    Ie. As more and more wealth is created (through economic progress), more and more power is created.
    I think it’s credible to argue that you and I have more absolute power than Rockefeller did 100 years ago. If you could take communication technology back to Rockefeller, you could shut down Standard Oil just by playing the markets so much better than he could now.
    Now, I certainly have less relative power than Rockefeller did. Rockefeller controlled a greater % of power in his time than I do in mine, but in absolute terms, I probably have more.
    Bringing this back to freedom, it seems that as power both expands and disperses over time, Freedom and Purpose are the main things that fill that gap? Perhaps that naive, still thinking through it.
    If you look back at the founding of the USA, they sought to exercise their new power with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
    Life is well, necessary. Liberty I’m treating as synonymous with freedom. and the pursuit of happiness seems to lead people up Maslow’s hierarchy towards self-actualization or meaning.
    Going back to the author’s article, I think you can definitely express freedom in positive terms as well. Isn’t freedom is a greater ability to exert yourself on the world? 
    I think freedom expressed in a positive way is actually synonymous with power.
    That is “Freedom to” as opposed to “freedom from”
    Free to travel, free to work when and how you want, etc.
    Not sure if this comment is going anywhere at this point.
    Great show though

  2. CTaylorMPearson “Epic” comment Taylor! 🙂  I like what you said about Rockefeller (that bastard!). It’s along the lines of the fact that the poorest of us today live much better than kings did hundreds of years ago. Yeah there’s the idea of different kinds of freedom. “I live in a free country” means about nothing, so if you believe that, you might believe you are simply “free”, which can’t be true inherently, no matter what plot of land you have to be born on. In the Land of the Free, there are people trying to take away our general freedom the minute we are born, so having the goal to rescue back that freedom in one way or many isn’t necessary a “from”, but still a reasonable goal, or something substantial to aim towards, since no one in reality is “born free”!

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