FL061: Walking The Earth With Justin Cassel and Mike Margolies

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I have a chat with Justin & Mike from the Walking the Earth podcast. justin_mike

What we talk about:

-Permanent travel vs having a home base
-Going West
-Laws vs Building Freedom
-Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand
-Small vs Big Cities
-Transient relationships on the road
-Finding (and creating) Freedom in an Unfree World
-Traveling and meeting romantic partners
-Traveling with a partner vs. Solo travel
-Challenging experiences
-Attracting women in Asia
-Connecting with locals
-Transitioning to a travel lifestyle
-Student debt
-Things to do before dying
-Falling in love & online dating


Walking The Earth podcast: http://wtepodcast.com

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  1. jalba22

    hey Kevin,  good to hear from you. I was hoping you were doing fine.  Here in Ocala developing my niche website.  Got some sales last month (launched my site in Oct.) as an Amazon affiliate ($33 dollars).  Want to get to at least $500 pr. month.  Starting a new project literally. I am following Chris Guthrie’s business model.  Lots of details to discuss hope to talk in the near future.

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