FL071: Radical Optimism With Kevin G, Part 1

In this episode, I interview my friend Kevin Grigorenko from radicaloptimism.org. This is part 1 of 2. Here’s what we discussed in this episode: keving

-Intro/iTunes Reviews/Airbnb tip
-What is Radical Optimism?
-Realism vs. Radical Optimism
-Why Radical Optimism
-Positive Psychology
-Reason & evidence as basis of radical optimism
-“Chiefs, priests & thieves”
-Evidence of radical optimism being true
-Poverty decreasing
-Global energy use improving or “sex in a mud pit”
-Global per person food increasing, obesity
-Life expectancy, child mortality
-Cancer rates going down?
-Overpopulation – not an issue?
Idiocracy the movie
-Increasing intelligence


Kevin’s website: http://radicaloptimism.org
The Rational Optimist, Ridley
The Improving State of the World Book
Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids book
Better Angels of Our Nature book, Daniel Pinker
Kevin G’s Radical Optimism presentation

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