How to Maximize Personal Freedom: Harry Browne

This is an inspiring talk to me and is something I’ve been thinking about lately. Striving for perfection vs. living in the world that is right now. In this talk, Harry says that while he feels like he was able to achieve 80-90% freedom, while most people muddle around 10-30% freedom levels. He says that since he was able to live a mostly free life in an unfree world, so can anyone else.

Here’s an important quote from his talk:

I did not do everything that I wanted to accomplish. I did not become everything that I wanted to be. But because I reached for the stars, I still was able to reach the top of the world.”

What about you? Have you been able to bring the kind of freedom and peace he is talking about into your life? Are you letting others decide your life for you or are you living life on your own terms?


  1. This is a test comment. I think I’m at around 60% freedom currently, and striving for more!

  2. This is a test comment. I think I’m at around 60% freedom currently, and striving for more!

  3. JeremyFrandsen1

    How would you break that down?  I’d love to see it line by line.

    1. JeremyFrandsen1 That’s a great idea! I’d love to break it down line by line. It would be tough to measure objectively though. How would you go about doing that?

      1. JeremyFrandsen1

        I guess it would just be giving certain things a score, subjectively.  Then, people would agree or use your scale if they wanted to.  I’d give political freedom like 25%, meaning if we do everything else right, we can only get 75%.  Then, when you do stuff like use bitcoin and get a second passport and legal entity protection you start slowly chipping away at that final 25%.

        1. JeremyFrandsen1 yeah that makes sense. It is so subjective because you could say that political freedom is much higher than that. But it all depends. If there were 0 politicians tomorrow, how would you behave differently? For me I think 25% is about right, and I’ve probably chipped away at 5% of that. If you can pass the 12 steps, and you don’t have any relationships that are obligations, I think you’re mostly there. The New Mexico LLC stuff can help get you further along but you will always have things like the DMV, the TSA, crossing arbitrary borders, cops pulling you over, IRS forms, sales tax, parking meter nazis, and majority-rules laws that can limit your freedom. Will be getting more into this in the next podcast with Jeff Berwick!

  4. rmrstyle

    I believe – with no scientific evidence whatsoever – that most people live lives of quiet desperation…….
    I agree – great video.

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