When they built the infamous wall in Berlin to separate the Soviet-run communist East from the relatively free West, not everyone just went along with with the “powers that be” decided for their lives. What would you do if say, a government project, like a wall, was to be built right by your house? Would you go along with it, allow them to seize your property or decide your fate for you? Would you back down and sell out because “path of least resistance” and Continue

Bye bye baltics, hello Helsinki. I think I have dreamed of coming to Finland most of my life. I kind of thought there would be some magical day when I felt like I was rich enough to see the Nordic countries. And, BTW, Finland is not considered part of Scandinavia like most people think. It’s kind of its own place. It’s the rebel of the Nordics 🙂 It’s separate from everything in a way, but still part of the EU and on the Euro. In Continue

Coming to you from Helsinki, Finland, I spent the past week zooming through the Baltics, including Vilnius, Lithuania, Riga, Latvia, and Tallinn, Estonia. While it seemed like I whipped through all these places, there was so much to see and experience, that it seems like weeks ago that I was in Warsaw. After my stinky bus ride from Warsaw, I finally arrived in Vilnius at night, and everything was closed by that point, so I my dinner consisted of mixed nuts and some dark chocolate Continue

Wanted to post a quick tally of my expenses since I started traveling on June 28th. This includes prepaid Airbnb in Prague. I don’t save all my receipts and some of this is off memory, so it’s not 100% to the T accurate, but close enough. This includes my time in Prague, Poprad, Krakow, Czestochowa, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn. Keep in mind, I almost always take the comfortable way out. If I want something, I pay for it. If I can take Uber vs Continue

Why did I come to Warsaw? Well, I’m in Poland, and it’s the capital. And it’s a big city so there must be some interesting things. And I needed to build in a chunk of time in a place where wifi would be decent (it wasn’t in my place) to get work done. And I have a friend that’s living there now who I could visit. But I knew nothing about Warsaw. So I had no one reason to be there but it made sense Continue

“What do you think about Donald Trump?” My first day in Krakow, I checked into the Mundo Hostel, which seemed like the perfect blend of a great location, a non-party hostel, and an interesting and friendly group of people staying there. I struck up a conversation with a guy from Iceland working on his computer in the lobby. “From the US? What do you think about Donald Trump?” I quickly found out this is a commonly asked question of Americans. I ended up having a Continue

Just a few days ago, I had a birthday! Woo-hoo! Not one to typically make a huge deal about trips around the sun, this year wasn’t much different, just was in Prague instead of San Diego like the last couple of years. So I walked over 18,000 steps that day. Because buying train tickets online in Czech Republic is still not really a thing, I had to go to the station to figure out how to get to Poprad. Despite nothing online indicating this, there Continue

There’s this weird thing that happens every time I take off somewhere for a few weeks or months. When I arrive, I sort of feel depressed/confused/insane. What am I doing? Why am I here? What was I thinking, leaving my comfort zone of home and coming to this foreign place, where I don’t know many people, things are more difficult, and Trader Joe’s market doesn’t exist? There’s usually some FUBAR event when traveling, either with plane travel or taxis or Ubers or just somehow getting Continue

Well it’s that time again. I’ve been almost exclusively in San Diego from late August 2015 until now, June 28th, 2016, with a few days in Austin, the Bay Area, and Davis sprinkled in for good measure. And I’ve fallen into my comfort zone. This is where I don’t need to think too much. I’m very familiar with my surroundings, and there is very little new stuff that my brain has to process. So of course, this past 10 months has flown by. But I’m Continue

“Fuck them, this is TOTAL bullshit!” These were the words going through my head last week as I was finding out thousands of dollars was missing from my bank account. It was a heist, an extortion, a grand theft. I had some slow months in my business, but hadn’t reconciled the payment processor numbers with my bank account. I just kept coming up short, detecting that something was wrong but concluding that “I just need to make more money”. Turns out, there was what is Continue