So a girl from my bus/taxi ride, Martine, from Boston, stayed at my hotel and we decided to do Angkor Wat together. I decided that the best way to go would be to hire a tuk-tuk to take us around. Bikes was another idea but the temples are probably 8km away from the hotel and big surprise, it’s SUPER hot out! The hotel guys asked me like 3 times if I wanted to do the “short tour” or the “long tour”. I told them the Continue

Two crazy long days of travel to get from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I ended up taking a “local” bus to Bangkok. The travel agents try to steer tourists away from these buses and into tourist buses. The problem was, the tourist buses were all sold out, so I didn’t have a choice, and even though the guy discouraged me from taking the local bus, I made him book it for me! The difference is, the local bus is usually only Thai people Continue

My four-star hotel in Chiang Mai was good times! The room was huge and even had carpeting- the first time I’ve seen that in Asia. I even did a little workout in the room! Chiang Mai has the feel of a small city. There aren’t any big buildings and things are sooooo mellow compared to Bangkok. The first night I got together with a couchsurfing group, and the one girl, Mah, is local and just started running a guest house right in town. For couch Continue

Bangkok was so hot that it took too much energy to reach into my pocket to grab my camera to take pictures. Plus I wasn’t very inspired. (I swear I’m going to get some Bangkok pics, it has it’s interesting aspects, and I’ll be back there in a week or so) Hottest I’ve been yet I think. Both days were about 100 degrees plus humidity so I think the heat index was 110. I started off on the wrong foot and paid a taxi driver Continue

Just a quick note on some of the mistakes I’ve made on this trip, and lately: 1. Didn’t plan enough time for Thailand. I didn’t realize how much bouncing around I would be doing on the islands, and the one day I wasted being sick in Phucket is now hurting me a bit. I’ve got a little less than 2 weeks left and I’m still going to Chiang Mai and Cambodia. I wish I waited longer to book my flight back to CA- I’m going Continue

Days go by so fast on the islands. Ko Tao was nice. I met up with Raffy & a couple of her new friends, one guy from Holland and another guy from Chile. The first day we hung around the beach, the water was probably about 95 degrees near the beach, a little cooler when I swam out a bit. This island is really set up for diving, but it’s not a terrible place to spend a few days! The next day we hired a Continue

Cool video I just came across! I love how he hit Railey Beach. My exercising around Asia has been pretty good. I was doing 50 pushups every other day, tons of walking every day, stretching as much as I can, and swimming whenever possible. I’ve done 2 yoga classes, the rock climbing was a nice mix and I did 1 gym workout in Singapore. Even so I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight, the portion sizes are just too small for me! I’m also looking at Continue

I think I’ve found…the most beautiful place on earth! I was glad to leave Phi Phi and it’s piping hot weather and party atmosphere. The boat was about 1.5 hours and then get on a little boat that takes us in to shore. Funny setup because you have to take your bags and walk through the water onto the beach! Showing up as usual without a plan, and with some others doing the same thing, we quickly figured out that the west side, which is Continue

I took one of those packaged snorkeling trip + lunch deals with a travel company. It was…interesting! The boat had room for 619 people and there were 619 people, about 590 Asians, a handful of Indians and like 6 white people. Funny thing, white people don’t stick together! There’s 2 parts of Ko Phi Phi (ko pee pee)- Don & Ley. The boat stopped at Don to drop some people off and then on to Ley for the snorkeling. The scenery is stunning. Ko Phi Continue

Arrived in Phuket (pronounced “poo-ket”) last night, after a 2 hour flight delay in KL. Funny thing, the story was that the pilot just didn’t show up! It’s pouring now so good chance to catch up on online stuff. Quick blog right now, more pics later. I’m also going back and uploading videos from Bali and putting them on the corresponding blog posts. This blogging thing is a lot of work! So yesterday, my flight was scheduled at 5:10. I was casually going about my Continue