I decided to stay one extra night in Ubud, bid farewell (or Ciao) to Raffaella, and leave in the morning for Padangbai- which is a coastal town closer to the Gilli islands, where I wanted to hit after that. Why hurry to get over to the Gillis? Probably my biggest tactical mistake yet on this trip. See, the problem is that the Lonely Planet is for some reason terrified to really criticize a city or a country very much. I think they like to be Continue

The last day on the Lombogongan island was windy and raining. The worst weather yet on this trip. I was going to snorkel but the conditions didn’t look good in the morning. So I rented a motorbike and cruised around a bit. First time in like 15 years or something riding a scooter I think, so I was a little cautious. I went around some of the more mellow streets, but it started raining, and I was going up this steep, wet, pothole-filled road and Continue

So I got them down from the “discounted” price of 500,000r (about $50 US) to 300,000r to get a shuttle to the boat and a round trip fast boat to Lombongan. The guy told me “Shuttle will pick up from the hotel at 9:30 to 9:45 in the morning.” So I had a casual morning, found a place with wifi AND my favorite avocado-choco juice, so I chilled there for a while. When I got back to the hotel about 9:10, the driver was waiting, Continue

3 days in Seminyak, not really on purpose, but we hit a few road blocks, including Elisa’s day at the hospital (turned out to just be a sprained wrist). I also was able to hook up with a couple of people living at the Tropical MBA house in Seminyak. This is Dan Andrews’ house where interns and employees of his company come to Bali and live there for a period of time to work with him. Anyway, one of them is American and the other Continue

First 2 days on the island of Bali were a little rough! Landing in Bali and getting the tourist visa, meeting Elisa in baggage claim, and going through customs was all a piece of cake. (It’s super clear that the visa thing is just a another scam set up by governments to take your money as you enter the country). The surprise was to find out that our apartment was 1 hour away from the airport! The taxi driver was honest though and the trip Continue

So I’m off to Bali today from San Diego, and writing this post from the Bangkok airport (which, I can’t seem to understand how the wifi works, so I’m typing it up and posting later). It goes like this: SAN–>LAX–>BKK–>DPS (Bali) It’s 31 hours of travel, including layovers. But first… Why Bali? Well…for many years now I have wanted to visit Asia, to see this “up and coming” (or already there in some ways) part of the world. China doesn’t hold a lot of interest Continue

Back in 2008 when I was living in a tiny apartment in Sydney, Australia, with my soon-to-be ex-wife, contemplating my life and the world around me, I ordered a book on Amazon that I had been meaning to read for a while called “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World”, by Harry Browne. For some time I had been obsessed with the idea of freedom, and always wanted to maximize my levels of it. However, I never “felt” free. My first instinct was to Continue