Kuala Lumpur (KL) Ended up having to take a bus from Singapore instead of the train. Apparently, the train sells out days in advance, and since I didn’t know where I was going to be day to day, I had to book last minute. Long story short I took a 1.5 hour subway ride to find out that I couldn’t get a train ticket for Wednesday, the day I was leaving for KL. So I got online and got a bus ticket for $25, 5 Continue

Just like businesses, every long trip has a dip. I hit mine right as I was leaving Bali! So here’s a brief rundown of what’s been going on: I tried to time the amount of cash I was needing the last few days in Bali so that I would spend everything as Ieft the country. Plan didn’t work. I went to the ATM 3 times in like 2 days to take out small amounts. When I got to the airport, this is how it all Continue

So it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, lots going on and I moved from a wordpress.com site to wordpress.org, still working the kinks out with some stuff, like the links on the right look like text and descriptions are blending in instead of showing up when you scroll over the links. Details… Lots has happened in the last few days! Here’s a rundown: 1. I took a trip up to Tanah Lot temple with a couple of women I met via Todd who Continue

When I was telling people before I left the US that I was going on a 2+ month trip to SE Asia, most of them had reactions like: “Oh wow, business must be going really well!” or “Can you afford that???” or “How can you do that, what about your business?” The funny thing is, part of the deal of me going was saving money! After being here almost a month, I can say that I underestimated my costs- partly because my traveling partner and Continue

I moved down to crazy Kuta a few days ago and it’s not bad!!!! It’s a little crazy and busy but it’s got lots of nice restaurants and it’s a good central place to be. It’s also not as cheap as I thought it would be. I’m paying 250Rp a night at this budget place…that’s about $27. It’s got A/C and it’s super clean, but it’s a 15 min walk from the beach and there’s nothing special about it. But, I’ve checked a couple other Continue

My walk around the Gilli T island was pretty cool, but after that I was kinda ready to head back to Bali, and ended up having about 4 extra hours before the boat left…I ate and did a little internet, then just waited! I left paradise and took a shuttle back to the madness of Kuta/Legian to grab a hotel for the night. Arriving at my hotel was a huge let down from where I was! I was paying the same amount and yet a Continue

I decided to stay one extra night in Ubud, bid farewell (or Ciao) to Raffaella, and leave in the morning for Padangbai- which is a coastal town closer to the Gilli islands, where I wanted to hit after that. Why hurry to get over to the Gillis? Probably my biggest tactical mistake yet on this trip. See, the problem is that the Lonely Planet is for some reason terrified to really criticize a city or a country very much. I think they like to be Continue

The last day on the Lombogongan island was windy and raining. The worst weather yet on this trip. I was going to snorkel but the conditions didn’t look good in the morning. So I rented a motorbike and cruised around a bit. First time in like 15 years or something riding a scooter I think, so I was a little cautious. I went around some of the more mellow streets, but it started raining, and I was going up this steep, wet, pothole-filled road and Continue

So I got them down from the “discounted” price of 500,000r (about $50 US) to 300,000r to get a shuttle to the boat and a round trip fast boat to Lombongan. The guy told me “Shuttle will pick up from the hotel at 9:30 to 9:45 in the morning.” So I had a casual morning, found a place with wifi AND my favorite avocado-choco juice, so I chilled there for a while. When I got back to the hotel about 9:10, the driver was waiting, Continue

3 days in Seminyak, not really on purpose, but we hit a few road blocks, including Elisa’s day at the hospital (turned out to just be a sprained wrist). I also was able to hook up with a couple of people living at the Tropical MBA house in Seminyak. This is Dan Andrews’ house where interns and employees of his company come to Bali and live there for a period of time to work with him. Anyway, one of them is American and the other Continue