Week 2: SEO Writing

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my first of 6 online businesses. SEO_Writing-0

I worked less than intended last week. Here’s what happened, day-by-day:

SEO Writer, Week 2

-Fixed issues on blog, added a Contact page
-Sent 6 emails to internet marketing firms in Austin
-Contacted Mike Shannon about SEO work
-Contacted Andrew Henderson about writing articles for Nomad Capitalist

Total Worked on Tuesday: 1 Hour, 10 minutes


Emailed with Andrew about writing for Nomad Capitalist

Total: 20 minutes

Thurs 5/29

Tough time motivating.

Emailed 8 Internet Marketing companies, total work about 30 minutes.

Friday 5/30

Chatted with Andrew about Nomad Capitalist’s needs. Got specifics and finalized our agreement over email.

Total: 30 minutes

Summary week 2

Total hours worked: 2.5 hours

The cold emails are boring and so far unproductive so far. I think the response rate is supposed to be at least 5%. Maybe I just need to keep going and send more every day.
But there’s good news!

I got my first gig. 🙂

I’ll be doing 3 articles a week for my nomadcapitalist.com. It’s right along the lines of my interests, and not far from the stuff I talk about on this site (freedom-related!).

We worked out a deal for a monthly retainer.

I’m excited to work on this project. I see eye-to-eye with Andrew on most topics, and know I can write some solid content as a ghost writer.

I’m not that motivated to send out a bunch of cold emails, but will pick that up again tomorrow and see how that goes. I don’t need another gig at this point, this one will keep me plenty busy, and the fact that it’s of interest is a huge plus.


  1. Steve

    Great project Kevin, and It’s cool to see how transparent you’re keeping it. One thing I’m curious about, and this seems to be a theme of the various work-from-anywhere blogs and people I see online, from an income standpoint it seems like this lifestyle leans towards a ‘living paycheck to paycheck’ type of life. Minimal work for minimal pay. Not that money is everything obviously, but that would be a major stresser for me, ie not ever getting ahead, always having to hustle to stay even. Am I wrong about that, or is it just a different mind set? Just curious.

  2. @Steve Hey Steve, great question! You can definitely set things up lik ea “paycheck to paycheck” life, but there is no reason to. If you are doing jobs/businesses like SEO writing, you can move to the Philippines and pay almost nothing to live, make $1200 a month from a couple of writing gigs and live like a king. But for a long term strategy to live more comfortably and not have to hustle as much, you can build info products that sell when you aren’t there. SE Asia could be a good temporary place to start as you build, learn, and not have to worry about the stress of big bills. Email me if you want to chat more about this! kevin at freedomlovin.com

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