Why you should work 5 hours a day

Tim Ferriss’ book the Four Hour Workweek is like the bible for perpetual travelers, digital nomads, and mobile business owners everywhere.

The cynics will say, “It’s bullshit, nobody works 4 hours a week and makes any money!”

Not true! I know people like this. It happens. It sounds impossible, but it’s not, you can put together a business that allows you to work 4 hours a week- or less.

Even if “Four hours a week” is bullshit, the point was made in the book. The old ways of doing things are long gone. Working 8-5 with an hour lunch, or worse, spending 10-12 hours in a cubicle and then bragging about it.

"Where's my stapler??"

There is a wide variety of work styles and number of hours put in.

I loved this article Sean Ogle put up on his blog the other day: Why You Should Stop Working At Noon Everyday.

It makes a great point about being efficient and getting out of the mindset that you have to work “when everyone else does”.

The only thing is, I know many entrepreneurs that don’t even START work until noon. So quitting before noon for them would mean doing nothing.

But everyone has their “productive time”.

Mine is around 8:30- about 2:00. But I need lunch! So that usually comes out to 5 hours. Typically, I will take a little break in the afternoon, and then get back to things for about 90 minutes or so at around 3:30.

Think 5 hours.

Not before 5.

Not before noon.

Just a 5 hour block and call it a day. Maybe yours is 8pm-1am. Or 10am-3pm. Just figure out what works best and do that.

If you still have work to do, take a nice long break after the 5 hours, maybe work out, or take a nap, then come back and do your 90 power minutes and call it good!

And, try not to brag about it. 🙂