FL035 7 Tips for Motivation (for lazy people)

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, I talk about the 7 tips for motivation, if you are lazy like me.

1. You have to love the process. Finding and following your purpose is ideal, but until you get there, you need something that will keep you moving forward.

2. Get up early. (or…find your schedule)

3. Use the pomodoro technique

4. Eat low carb/cut out processed food.

5. Don’t watch the news. Don’t read the news. Unless there’s some action you’re going to take.
Bad economy?

6. Move in the morning. Walk 10 minutes?

7. Don’t shortchange yourself on sleep.

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Pomodoro Technique- http://pomodorotechnique.com/
James Altucher- http://jamesaltucher.com
Robb Wolf- http://robbwolf.com

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