FL079: The future of education with T.K. Coleman of Praxis

In this episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview T.K. Coleman of outcome-based education company Praxis.

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-T.K. Coleman intro
-The start of Praxis
-Maxine Green & the philosophy behind Praxis education
-Does school get in the way of learning?
-Can we fix schools and compulsory education? How?
-The “play video games all day” argument about self-driven education
-TED Radio Hour show on education –http://blog.ted.com/ted-radio-hour-presents-unstoppable-learning/
-Praxis background and mission
-What’s important to the student
-Professional Development Projects
-Typical Praxis students
-Logic in argumentation
-Studying philosophy for real world application
-Types of freedom & how to be fulfilled and happy
-Social change through individual change
-LA police story


Praxis – discoverpraxis.com
Maxine Greene – Variations on a Blue Guitar
T.K.’s Blog: http://tkcoleman.com
How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World – Harry Browne

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