FL084 – Ayahuasca & world travel with Lewis Smith

In this week episode of the Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview my friend Lewis Smith to talk about his digital nomad lifestyle, working with web and app development while travel the world with his wife.

We talked a lot about his travels and curious things of Turkey, New Zealand and Southeast Asia countries. We also talked about security and SCAMS on the road. And in the end he tells us about his amazing experience with Ayahuasca in Mexico and finally why he prefers to be traveling than settling in one fixed place.

Lewis’s website: http://www.itinerantdev.com/

Lewis Smith

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Introduction [6:20]
Lewis’s background – The “unconventional Catholic School” and more [7:00]
Understand how Lewis began his nomadic journey [8:40]
Some things you need to know about the internet in SE Asia [16:00]
About Turkey, their delicious breads and other things [21:20]
On the doubtful alerts of governments to not visit other countries [23:00]
New Zealand and its friendly citizens [27:00]
SCAMS and security around the world. [32:10]
How Lewis makes money while traveling [39:50]
Ayawaska experience in Peru [44:00]
Settle down in one place or move around the world? [62:00]

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Books Mentioned:
The 4 Hour Work Week
The 4 Hour Body

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