FL091: 10 Things You Can Do Besides Going To College

Happy New Year!

Is a college degree necessary for success?

In this podcast I discuss 10 ideas that can replace going to college or grad school for maximum effectiveness & fulfillment!

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How Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can make you life better. [2:30]
Why I decided to pay a business coach. [08:44]
Why passport is a medieval thing [09:40]
Introduction – 10 Things You Can Do Besides To College [11:00]

1. Travel – Go outside and maybe you will find an opportunity along the way.
2. Start a Business – With an online business you can achieve a lot of freedom.
3. Work – Start working and making things happen.
4. Read one book a day for a year – This will make you smarter.
5. Learn a new skill and be good at it.
6. Start a newsletter – Write frequently and produce value.
7. Learn a language. – Open your mind to another cultures and literature.
8. Spend a year watching TED Talks – You will discover a lot of amazing stuff.
9. Study one successful person. – Explore every detail of it act upon it.
10. Learn how to code. – For fun or to make money.

The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5
Nonviolent Communication – San Francisco Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg

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