FL098: Election Insanity!

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I discuss the so-called presidential election, and the Jeffery Tucker Article, Politics is Poison To The Human Spirit by Jeffery Tucker south_park_-_the_damned_-_10_09_01_pm

-What I’ve been up to
-My business downs and ups
-Working with a business coach
-Europe trip 2016
-Election 2016: Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich
-Why Trump/Media lies
-Anti-Marijuana Clinton
-Gary Johnson
-Jeffery Tucker Article

South Park – http://southparkstudios.com
How Half of America Lost Its F*cking Mind
Republican Myth Busted: Reagan Raised the Debt Ceiling 3 Times More than Obama
Politics is Poison to the Human Spirit

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