FL099: Psychedelics and Freedom with Mike Margolies

In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast I interview Mike Margolies of Psymposia about the current state of psychedelics, medicinal uses, legal aspects, and more! mikemargolies

We discussed:

-Mike’s background and journey
-Ayahuasca & inner messages
-Walking the earth
-Finding your calling
-Coming out of the closet- about psychedelics
-Psychedelics used in therapy
-Set & setting
-Legalities around the world
-Zendo project/Dance Safe
-Medicinal vs Recreational use and Freedom
-Mushrooms legal in Bali?
-Other psychedelics: LSD, DMT, Ibogaine


Pymposia – http://psymposia.com
Patreon campaign – https://www.patreon.com/psymposia
Walking The Earth Podcast – http://wtepodcast.com

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