FL111: Words With Winos’ Matt & Marilyn: Traveling The World, One Bottle At A Time

In this episode, Kevin interviews Matt And Marilyn, a twenty-something American couple who love long-term traveling. Matt and Marilyn decided to not look for a job after graduating college but instead travel the world. They support themselves working online as English teachers and they also create Words with Winos, a travel podcast/blog full of their amazing experiences.

Check out this episode if you considering traveling the world and/or living on your own terms. It’s packed with tips and tricks and cool travel memories so you won’t get bored.

Topics discussed:

  • Why did Matt and Marilyn decide to travel
  • What was the reaction of their friends and family
  • Where have they been and what was their favorite place
  • The scariest moment of their life
  • Pros and cons of traveling as a couple
  • How do they manage their time and various projects

Words with Winos
– Terrorist attack in Barcelona

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