FL113: From Walking Across Cuba To Building A Travel Community With Dan Pierson + Big Review Of Outsite Co-living Space

In this episode, Kevin discusses his experience living in a co-living/co-working house in Hawaii, and interviews Dan Pierson. Dan is a long time traveler and entrepreneur. Some of his memorable travel experiences are biking 3000 miles through the United States and walking across the island of Cuba.

He also runs The Bolt Collective – a travel community of like-minded explorers. They use collective purchasing power to unlock otherwise impossible experiences, at a fraction of the cost of less interesting solo alternatives.

Check out this episode if you are curious how to maintain healthy relationships while traveling, hear cool travel stories or learn how to build a travel-oriented business

Topics discussed :

  • How he became what’s he is now
  • Dan’s experiences in Cuba
  • How did he come up with the Bolt Collective idea
  • Living in 160 square feet apartment

And much more


The Bolt Collective
Dan Pierson – Twitter


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