FL127: Ending Global Apartheid With Gülin De Vincentiis

In this episode, Kevin talks with Gülin De Vincentiis, a world traveler who has done 3 round-the-world trips.

Having been a visitor to 149 countries, she’s made it her mission to rid the world of all of the annoying frustrations travelers experience at borders. She currently resides in Italy and aims to travel to every country in the world.

Topics discussed :

  • What prompted her to look at the world differently and how she sees the world now
  • Why she wants to keep traveling the world
  • How borders originated and what their purpose are
  • On citizenship
  • On the idea that people should be able to move freely
  • Where she got the idea of burning her passport and the reason behind it
  • What global apartheid is and why she would like to end it altogether
  • On getting the conversation out to the people

And much more


The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson

Finding Freedom in an Unfree World San Diego (Meetup)
Zeynep Gülin DeVincentiis’ Website
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