FL130: Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Kayla Kurin

In this episode, Kevin interviews Kayla Kurin, a digital nomad who travels around the globe, runs a yoga business, writes, and does all kinds of fun things in various countries!
She’s originally from Canada but has traveled, lived, and worked in over 40 countries. In this episode, she shares how she started the nomad lifestyle, how her first trip went, her take on being a young female and doing things on her own, how she meets people, and her travel experiences.

Topics discussed :

  • How she started traveling the world
  • How she started freelancing
  • Things/moments in her childhood that led her to seek out the travel lifestyle
  • Her take on being a young female doing things on her own
  • The most dangerous place she has been to
  • Meeting people while traveling
  • How she teaches in her yoga classes 
  • How she gets clients in her freelance work
  • Her typical day
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Time zone tips
  • Locations
  • Books she has written

And much more


The Good to Great by James C. Collins
The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
Yoga for Chronic Pain by Kayla Kurin
Yoga for Chronic Fatigue by Kayla Kurin
Where Can I Find Wifi? by Kayla Kurin

100 Must Reads (App Store)
Couch Surfing
Coachsurfing Meetups
Duolingo Podcast
Coffee Break Spanish Podcast


Where Can I Find Wifi? Website
Aroga Yoga
Kayla on Instagram
Kayla on Twitter

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